Route 96 Craft Beer

Route 96 Brewery is a local, South African family- run company that is passionate about creating an unique and authentic experience for those who have the palette to enjoy a well-made beer.

We are situated just outside of Potchefstroom, where we have our facility set up to craft seven exclusive beers using the best ingredients on offer. Along with our beer crafting side, we also offer a venue where customers are welcome to taste and stay at this family- friendly small-holding and enjoy the views and wildlife that we are surrounded with.

Our passion for craft beer stems from years of experience and discovering how to create the perfect blend of refreshing and pleasing beers for a wide range of preferences. We take pride in our range of beers and the ingredients that bring them to life.

To maintain our high standard of production, we have ensured we only use the best quality, imported hops and barley in combination with naturally purified water from our boreholes. This allows us to produce consistently high-quality beers on offer to our customers

Route 96 Brewery is a relatively new company, run on the strength and support of family combined with extensive experience in our industry. At Route 96 Brewery we take a lot of pride in the product that leaves our facility and we aim to give you an experience that you would be hard-pressed to forget.

Route 96 Craft Beer