About Us

Route 96 Brewery came into existence in 2015 after we bought Graaff Reinett Brewery. As a family who have been in the beer industry for over two decades, both locally and internationally it has been a dream of having our own brewery, to crafting our own unique blends to offer the public.

Since then we have discovered the need for a facility that would allow us to brew a proper Craft Beer of our own and have moved to a small holding just outside of Potchefstroom where we are surrounded with 1 of the key natural resources, water. Most of our other ingredients are imported to assist us in our quest for the highest quality Craft Beer that we can offer.

We are currently using a 1250L brewhouse with six additional 1,250L uni-tanks where our beers are fermented and aged. We only use water from one of three boreholes on our property that have been purified with a specially designed water purification system to ensure that we have no contamination from our natural resource.

Unlike commercially brewed beer, none of our Craft Beers are pasteurized, and we boast with great consistency and quality in every one of our unique blends.

We invite you to come and experience our facility that offers a place to stay for young and old while enjoying our beautiful views and our special craft beers.